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iPod Touch Fails.

Posted in Computers!, Hacks, TimeSink with tags , , , , on January 12, 2009 by tikimexican

I recently inherited a second generation iPod Touch and was trying to use it to both overcome my extreme hatred of Apple and see why it has garnered such positive reviews. After completely changing my media centers around so that the iPod could actually connect to them I realized, I hate the damn thing. The simple fact that there is no plug and play support but instead has let-apple-penetrate-everything support was enough to send me reeling about how much I hate the device. I have a need to see things through to the end though, so I pushed on.

After letting the devil iTunes past my barricades it was then apparent that half the reason people jizz in their pants over this piece of junk is the App Store. So I set about connecting to it over the wifi. Special note on that, you NEED to link a credit card to your account. When I found out I had to actually make an account at all I was already pissed off and disappointed. I love keeping anonymity over the Internet, I don’t leave actual info anywhere I register and I avoid registering if possible. If your forum doesn’t have a guest pass system, you’re a dick or at least led by dicks (to be gender-neutral I implicitly mean cunt(s) as well). Here then is a system that not only needs you register but has effectively done away with a check-box that says “I’ll never buy anything from you bunch of retarded knob ends on principle alone”. If I’m ever out of my full state of mind, I just might accidentally spend loads of money. You know who else follows that model? Filthy pimps who run strip clubs.

After getting all this done and fully realizing that anyone who made it past this point either has enough disposable income that they tend to just leak cash, or really were blindsided by a screen they can touch. Imagine that! I actually get to use the thing, well with music that is in the proper format, videos that have been compressed and converted, and of course nothing else. No PDF support, no bluetooth syncing, no wireless file transfer. You know this piece of dog shit isn’t a portable hard drive? There’s just too much that this thing is lacking to make it worth even keeping. I challenge anyone to come to the defense of this but I will state the following conditions. If you know of an app that will add the functionality to make this shit worthwhile, shut up unless it’s free (no demo/lite/trial/register shit). If you are going to say I don’t know how to use technology, you must be an idiot. Apple proudly brags about how you can be a retard in a coma with a feeding tube between here and dead with your local sect of catholics praying to keep you alive but still be able to use a mac, so I assure you I know how to use stuff. As for people who even want to begin to speak about jail-breaking, shut up as well. The 2G has been designed specifically to defeat previous jail-breaking efforts. Also the community of people dedicated to getting Linux working on the iPhone are just a really lame bunch. I was looking forward to jumping in the effort but was just let down by everyone I bumped into along the way. Enough of that then.

Anyone want to buy an iPod Touch?