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Breaking Away.

Posted in Current Events with tags , , , , , on January 23, 2009 by tikimexican

Yes, yes y’all. We are a nation that has some pretty awful policies that are an accumulation of politically motivated decisions in the absence of actual context, politicians who push for them rarely know the people they’re affecting directly. Unless it’s a policy that extends benefits to their constituents. Either way Obama, like late-in-the-campaign-McCain, is breaking away from Bush policy. The latest and greatest in my opinion: reversing a useless abortion policy.

If you know what the Mexico City policy is, Obama’s calling it quits. Federal funds will actually start being used to promote the option of abortion by Non-Governmental Organizations.

Click some links and learn if you’re in the dark, they’re easy to read, I swear. Also, pro-lifers who might anger bomb these comments: please use logic and not just God’s wrath to tell me why I’m wrong for supporting this decision. I have a pet rock that diffuses your angry prayers.

Inauguration Day.

Posted in Current Events, Personal History, TV! with tags , , on January 19, 2009 by tikimexican

I’ll be one of many people tuning into the inauguration of the new president but am saddened that it’s not always like this. I’m the type of guy who downloads historical speeches to play whenever I need some food for thought or even just some inspiration to do, whatever. That’s why it’s not surprising to people when I bring up the day of the speech as something to celebrate. Other people are hosting parties because the president will be a black guy, that’s great and all but it does mean people are going to watch this with less regard for it’s historical precedence and more like they’d watch a sideshow.There might even be people who will be waiting for Obama’s head to split open and reveal his reptilian true nature.

Regardless, I do hope people tune in with a sense of pride to be alive for the event. Eventually someone will ask you about it down the line and hopefully you’ll be prepared to answer.