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Posted in Atheism, Personal History with tags , , , , , on January 6, 2009 by tikimexican

One of the hardest decisions to lend my tacit consent to in the news is the Gaza conflict. Out and out I don’t believe in any god so the whole chosen-people-chosen-land-holy-sanctuary deal falls flat with me. This combined with seeing Palestinian people getting fucked over when it comes to their land being appropriated for a jewish homeland is the extent of my anti-Zionist opinions. My Pro-Zionist arguments are many but the strongest ones are the reversal of mass Diaspora and Israel being a democratic force in the middle east. As of now, I’m fucking split down the middle. I had friend a while ago that was a big Pro-Zion and I had a friend that was a big Anti-Zion, the problem was they both made some fucking great arguments.

As of now I’m split, anyone made a solid decision willing to weigh in?