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Posted in Personal History with tags , on December 23, 2008 by tikimexican

I took a bit of time out to surf around the Internet and see what blogs have the most inter-tube connections going their way.

Fucking yuck people, seriously.

I have a few friends and I admit we would get rowdy and tell bawdy stories but that was a disgusting relationship I had with a few hand picked cronies. We would revel in our own reprehensible actions and bond over it.

It’s a public display of pub talk, not something to be proud of. You never bring pub talk up in the cold light of day, and you certainly don’t blast it across the Internet. Maybe this has something to do with the Internet being a baby of a medium where privacy/decency/entertainment don’t really have roles or hierarchies set up for them but still.


I think what bothers me more than just being disgusting, is that it’s also very boring. I started a few posts that had a lot of hits and I had trouble finishing. It wasn’t written well or poorly enough to be lowbrow, it was all shock value. This is fine if it’s a friend of mine telling a story where I know most of the characters, it’s like looking at pictures where I know the people. TuckerMax is a stranger, and I hate stranger’s pictures, unless they’re having sex. Although it has too be good sex, which means there should be an absence of feces and vomit, which this actually had in spades (well, bedfuls at least).

In short, I’m actually proud of having no one read this. It means I’m not shitting at all during coitus.