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There’s more than a handful of websites that I check reflexively whenever I get an Internet connection but here’s a handful I suspect are ubiquitous:


I really wish I would have recommend more people to this website earlier. In its heyday it was an incredibly fast and well maintained streaming media site and forum. Now though the userbase has swelled so much that it has this strange inverse relationship to file distribution through P2P models. IE: The more people who want a file and torrent it the faster everyone gets it, the more people who want a file from NV the sooner it crashes. They do have backups for most things through flash, but the flash site they use has strange audio bugs. Still, if you don’t know what NZB is and are too cool to P2P, try it out. The forums are fun too, but beware if the moderator doesn’t know/like what you’re talking about you’ll get your topics shut down fast.


Woot has an odd but refreshing business model. One thing every 24 hours. There is more to it than just that but you can read about it on their own FAQ, they’re entertaining and concise so RTFF. The family currently extends to Wine/Shirt/Sellout.woot so check all three. I recommend just checking sellout.woot that way you get images of what’s on Woot classic and shirt woot at once.


Fail Videos and Photos, ’nuff said.


A productivity blog that mixes it up with various GTD methods and has an interesting article at least weekly. Good RSS material.

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