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The EPA has busted in and messed with two businesses I used to work at. They charged the owners with stupid regulations and expected more than miraculous results. “You guys work on cars? When that oil comes out we want you to turn it into vegan-safe tofu to export to Kenyan refugees.” Normally I’m all for environmental neutrality but the EPA has its priorities flipped upside down. Case in point: human remains.

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Hype Man.

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A house band, theme music, and eventually a hype man. That’s when I’ll know I’ve hit it big, when I get my own hype man. Just in case you don’t know what a hype man is think of someones entourage. It’s full of followers, associates, and attendants. Everyone is either a friend, a business partner, or has a specific job. The hype man’s job is one of the most multi-faceted in the crew. Continue reading

R.I.P. Xbox

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You know what I need? Another reminder: that I’m getting old, that I’m a late adopter, that I embrace aging electronics, and that I am an Xbox fanboy. I get all of these today with Microsoft officialy ending support for the Xbox. 

Sure it’s something that’s happened unofficially. Yes, it only applies to people who haven’t voided their warranties. It’s still a headline that made me feel the years and yearn for a beer.

It does force me to appreciate my Xboxes (Xboxii?) soldiering on as media centers, linux servers, and emulator arcade boxes. Really if you’ve ever opened up one of these consoles you just have to love how well constructed they are and how well they put up with abuse. It’s a stark difference to anyone who’s looked inside their 360 or had to do an X-clamp repair.

I feel like the Xbox has garnered as many fan boys as classic consoles like the Atari-2600 or the SNES. It’s well made, had some amazing software titles, and helped us all nurture our inner child. The Xbox is like a console giving tree. When I was younger it let me game overnight, as I grew up it helped me connect to gamers worldwide, and now it’s still my favorite modding platform. 

When I get home I’m going to treat them all to new thermal paste and maybe paint one or two.

Old Photo.

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Found an old photo from the earlier days of founding tikimexico. Check it out.


Inauguration Day.

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I’ll be one of many people tuning into the inauguration of the new president but am saddened that it’s not always like this. I’m the type of guy who downloads historical speeches to play whenever I need some food for thought or even just some inspiration to do, whatever. That’s why it’s not surprising to people when I bring up the day of the speech as something to celebrate. Other people are hosting parties because the president will be a black guy, that’s great and all but it does mean people are going to watch this with less regard for it’s historical precedence and more like they’d watch a sideshow.There might even be people who will be waiting for Obama’s head to split open and reveal his reptilian true nature.

Regardless, I do hope people tune in with a sense of pride to be alive for the event. Eventually someone will ask you about it down the line and hopefully you’ll be prepared to answer.


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One of the hardest decisions to lend my tacit consent to in the news is the Gaza conflict. Out and out I don’t believe in any god so the whole chosen-people-chosen-land-holy-sanctuary deal falls flat with me. This combined with seeing Palestinian people getting fucked over when it comes to their land being appropriated for a jewish homeland is the extent of my anti-Zionist opinions. My Pro-Zionist arguments are many but the strongest ones are the reversal of mass Diaspora and Israel being a democratic force in the middle east. As of now, I’m fucking split down the middle. I had friend a while ago that was a big Pro-Zion and I had a friend that was a big Anti-Zion, the problem was they both made some fucking great arguments.

As of now I’m split, anyone made a solid decision willing to weigh in?

Change (In the House of Flies).

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This song by the Deftones came on, and I just had the worst feeling in the pit of my stomach. I don’t know if it was the embarrassment of having ever thought this song was good in any way/shape/form. It might have been because this song was tied up in my teenage angst period and that visceral reaction was to that whole era, but something set me off. It’s still playing and I have a mixed reaction of wanting to vomit and punch a hole in the wall.
Fuck the Deftones.